Talk about the the things you’re not supposed to talk about.

June 21-23 Westgate Las Vegas Convention Center


When the free exchange of information and ideas is moderated, narrated, and suppressed by the few, it is no longer “free” – nor are we.

Today’s leaders in tech team up with social media’s “Most Cancelled,” to expose the real threat to our democracy. (And no, it’s not whatever the girl with the rainbow hair is screaming about.) Find out how we got here, what lies ahead, and how we can take a stand for truth and counter the “Cancelled” as we fight the continued suppression of information and ideas through traditional, alternative, and social media.

We the People cannot let democracy die in darkness.

Yes…we see the irony. Looking at you, JB.

Why Countercancelled? Read on...

'TECH'nically True

Ever notice your content suddenly isn’t getting the engagement you expect? That your website is on the 5th page of a GOOGLE search? Or maybe some nameless, faceless “fact checker” is slapping your post with a “misinformation” warning when you clearly got it from a credible source? (By the way, what exactly are these “community guidelines” they tell you you keep violating?)

Stop “wondering” and start knowing. Let the insiders from top tech companies reveal the truth behind how technology enables the suppression of the voices and information that does not fit the agenda of those “in charge.” (Oh yes, they’ll talk about them too.)

Dis'CONTENT' in Doing Nothing

Knowing the truth behind the coded curtain is great and all, but if you’re still shadowbanned and getting thrown in “T**tter jail”, you’re still losing revenue.

You need a plan. And what better way to learn to beat the bots and avoid the algorithm than from the very “problems” they were designed to silence? With more suspensions, bans, and blacklistings between them than times Fauci’s told us to “trust the Science”, (?) these content creators and media voices will share their personal battles with the digital overlords and the strategies they use to keep fighting the good fight against actual misinformation and cancel culture.

Because it's not vegas without a pool party

So, we’re throwing one. Kick off the event with the CounterCancelled opening night VIP pool party at the Westgate Las Vegas. 

Drinks, DJ, Dancing…if that’s your thing… and a chance to chat with our VIP speakers up close and personally. (But not too close. That’s just creepy.)

Date: June 21st

Time: 7:00PM to 10:00PM

Location: Westgate Las Vegas


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And you'll have to sleep somewhere

We’ve got the perfect place. Attendees of CounterCancelled can take advantage of exclusive savings when they book a room at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort. (We know a guy.) 

Just a block away from the Strip, it’s far enough from the bedlam to reassure your spouse/parents/boss that you’ll refrain from debauchery and probably just “get a nice dinner and go back to the hotel”, but close enough for you to…well…not. 


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